harl·an·i·ma·tion | \ˌˈhär(-ə)l-a-nə-ˈmā-shən\


1. A combination of the words Harlan (my first name) and animation (my practice).

“Boy, that website harlanimation has some pretty cool stuff on it. Whoever runs that place should probably work for me so that I may throw money at her.” 


Resume 2023 PDF

Harley Scroggins - Resume 2023



Harley Scroggins is an independent filmmaker and freelance animator/illustrator who lives and works in Southern California. Having grown up with an overactive and often frightening imagination, creative expression in any form has always been at the forefront of her mind. Whether it be illustration, animation, or the written word, her work always has a touch of whimsy and she derives great joy from making others laugh.

Harley earned her bachelor’s degree from the Experimental Animation program at California Institute of the Arts in 2015 and has worked in various aspects of the visual arts since, either on solo projects or as part of a team. Her films have been shown in the US and in Europe, including MONSTRA Animated Film Festival in Lisbon where her stop motion short film “Matka” was invited to compete in the International Super Shorts category in 2016, and in 2018 the first installment of her animated series “Spirited Spectres” was awarded Official Finalist in GIPHY Film Fest, NYC. In 2019 Harley designed and animated the campaign video “A Future Gently Imagined” for LA City Council candidate Dr. Loraine Lundquist. Harley created monthly animated vocabulary lessons for The Swanburne Academy, an educational online membership by esteemed children’s book author Maryrose Wood, and currently creates complex looping animations in After Effects with swappable assets, as well as developing concept art for marketing and product design, for Dynamic Multimedia. In 2022, Harley storyboarded and animated three short films directed by Nada Djordjevich, and the trio has been awarded Official Selection in seven festivals to date,
winning Best Animated Film twice, and receiving an Honorable Mention.

Harley self-published her first children’s book, Little Monster Needs a Nap, in 2022, and is currently developing two more children’s books and a novel. She has had her work featured in several issues of Brave New Girls, an anthology series for girls in STEM, and in Fall 2023 you can read two of her short stories in the Blank Page Anthology, which will feature a group of talented writers led by E.P. Tuazon who meet every week to share their work and discuss the craft.

From a young age Harley has taken great pride in her volunteer efforts for organizations such as Special Olympics and the American Cancer Society, and in 2016 she stepped up to a role on her city’s Relay For Life planning committee as a member of their event leadership team where she mentors teams, has managed the local non-profit’s social media marketing, and designs flyers and graphics for fundraisers and other events. You can contact her by emailing info@harlanimation.com, or by filling out the contact form below.

Harley Scroggins

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