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Swanburne Academy

Monthly animated vocabulary lessons for
Animation and design.

Actors Wellness Studio

Animated promotional videos for
Animation and design.

Loraine Lundquist for City Council

Animated campaign video for
Animation and design.


Animated promotional video for Kareville.
Animation by Harley Scroggins, design by Sydney Frank.

Sarah and the Magic Piano

Animated children’s book by composer Kurt Erickson.
Animation by Harley Scroggins, Illustrations by Mike Biskup.

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Additional Animation

Choosing EarthComing Soon

Motion Graphics.

Beast – Natalie Peracchio

Stop motion creature animation for short film by Natalie Peracchio.
Animation and puppet fabrication.

Feast in a Fallen City – Aron Bothman

Stop motion character animation for award winning short film by Aron Bothman.
Animation department.

JUNK – Tomas Christian

Background character animation for short film JUNK by Tomas Christian.
Animation department.

Carmen Miranda series – Melissa Rivera

Titles, logo, and motion graphics for WebSeries Carmen Miranda.
Motion Graphics.

Randomland – Area 51

Guest animation for travel documentary at Area 51 by Justin Scarred.
Animation and design.

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Music Videos

Ode to Eyes – Bit Canary

Edited and appeared in Bit Canary’s premiere music video “Ode to Eyes.”

Machine Age – Terra Naomi

Edited the original and acoustic music videos for Terra Naomi’s Machine Age.

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