Shiny and new!!

Did you notice the new look? Probably not!

Hopefully that means you also didn’t notice how many times I had to re-upload my resume, because that’s a little embarrassing. I think some typos generate themselves the moment you hit “send.” It was like the hydra, for every typo I fixed two more would appear in its place.

Luckily that’s all behind me now, and we can all enjoy the consistent look I have applied across platforms! It’s nice to have things be a bit more uniform so no one thinks “these two completely different artists have identical yet unusual names!” because that’s how different everything was looking.

See for yourself! Find me on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Tumblr, and here of course, sporting the same self portrait profile picture and lovely jungle leaf background!

The header here has a little bonus Spirited Spectres element to it, and you should keep an eye out for more of those coming soon!


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