Happy New Year!

Here we go, 2019!

I hope this year brings a lot of creativity, self-expression, and exploration of new techniques, ideas, and experiences.

Towards the end of 2018 I began playing around with washi tape as a way to color artwork, and it is such a fun technique and very different from what I normally do. Here are some of the pieces I’ve made while experimenting with my new washi tape obsession:

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The first person I saw use washi tape like this was Echo Gilette, an artist I follow on good old YouTube. Here’s the video that sparked my inspiration: Improve your art with WASHI TAPE – Echo Gilette

Since then I have seen some absolutely STUNNING pieces on Instagram when going through the washi tape hashtag, and I’m excited to continue applying this fun tool to my creations.

As we move forward in 2019, I will be making a Facebook page for harlanimation where I will share what I’ve done artistically and professionally, behind the scenes progress on projects, new skills/techniques I’ve learned, or just something that I find inspiring.

Thanks for reading, see you on Facebook!

PS – Did you watch the shocking conclusion to my newest Christmas Special? Watch here: What will 2019 bring?

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